Product Development

The world of online product development offers nearly limitless opportunities. The hard part isn't figuring out what you're excited to build, but what users want, where there is a gap in the current market solutions, and how to cut scope so you don't overbuild on your first version before getting any feedback or traction.

Understanding Your Story

When you have a product to build and you're ready to make it reality, how you got to this moment matters. What drives you to build this product? What experience do you have in this field? Why are you uniquely positioned to build this company and product? Let's unpack how you got here as a great starting point.

Market Analysis and Positioning

Once we have understood the background of how and why you landed here, we can talk about more deeply the current incumbents and the gaps you feel your approach uniquely solves. What is the key differentiator? Can you build a moat around this business? These kinds of questions will help inform our eventual requirements for version 1. I can guide you through this process, but it's best that you've done your research and already know these answers.

Customer Validation

Before we move to write a single line of code, there are efforts to seek customer and market validation. There are many ways to do this but I'd recommend you get on the phone with at least 100 potential customers. Run a survey. Or put up a smoke screen landing page test. Not sure how to do those things? No worries, we can work on that.

Some clients choose to skip this phase, but you do so at your own risk. It's absolutely imperative you look past your own biases and make sure that the market need is real and your proposed solution DOES in deed solve their needs.

Product Scoping and Roadmap

From here, we can determine what is required versus "nice-to-have" features in your 1st version. We'll produce a Product Requirements Document (PRD) which can be used with our team of designers and developers. We'll iterate with you on designs, colors, branding, site structure, navigation, UI / UX, copy, etc.

Build and Launch

This is the exciting part... what we've all been waiting for. But it's really only the beginning and the work is just getting started.

You choose how you wish to engage us moving forward now with a real product in-hand.

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