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Every business needs an online presence. Every. 👏 Single. 👏 One! 👏

I'm sometimes surprised at how often I encounter businesses who are not online, or who have such a poor presence, it calls into question their very existence.

I LOVE working with small businesses. For many, they are full of opportunity to improve and optimize the site for increase customer visibility, more foot traffic, and better customer satisfaction.

Evaluating Your Needs and Your Budget

We’ll spend some time learning more about your business. Your history of operating. Your experience with business and marketing online.

There are many sizes and shapes of websites, so it’ll be important to discuss your needs and how that works with your budget. Having a business website online these days does not have to cost a fortune, but choosing the providers and tools for operating your website will be key.

Requirements Gathering

Before we put any pixels on the page, we will first draft an outline of your desired outcomes and key requirements. What do you want visitors to do when they go to your website? Fill out a form? Sign up for something? Call your office? Pay an invoice or bill?

Information Outline

Now that we have your requirements nailed down, we will build an outline of the different pages you will need, and what information goes on each page. In this process it’ll be important to have a strong grasp of your value proposition and how you stand out from your competitors.

Evaluating Branding and Design Options

With requirements and an outline of what information will go on your site, we can provide some general ideas on branding, colors and design options. They won’t be fully flushed out or built yet, but this step will give you some choices to make about the general direction of your website.

Iterate and Implement

Once you’ve chosen a general set of design colors and approach, we’ll iterate on it unti you’re happy with the design. At that time we’ll implement it and have it ready for you on you own domain.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once your site is live, we can discuss whether you need additional changes, new features added later, or ongoing maintenance for a small retainer fee.

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